Week 12 – Extra Credit – Top 3 Bottom 3 – Mark Flores

Throughout the semester, we have had many great, good and decent activities. I have actually enjoyed the majority of the activities, but for the sake of this extra credit assignment, I will reveal my top 3 and my bottom 3.

Top 3:

  1. Spray paint activity: The spray paint activity was incredibly awesome, not even exaggerating. The reason behind this awesomeness is the fact that I have never used spray paint before, especially not in the manner that we used it. I believe that it would have been 100 times better if I had been able to make it out to Venice Beach, but I still had a lot of fun spray painting on cardboard. e
  2. Plaster Casting: This was an easy choice because I absolutely loved this activity. Not only did this activity allow me to once again try something new, but it took me outdoors. It is truly sad the minimal amount of time that I spend at the beach because I literally live a 5 minute walk away from Newport Beach. Nonetheless, this plaster casting activity rekindled my love for the beach and took my out to the sandy shores of Newport. The actual experience and process used to mold my foot was also extremely awesome.
  3. Snapchat Activity: I really enjoyed this activity because I was already very familiar with the Snapchat app, so it allowed me to boast my skills and draw cool things. Also, I really liked the fact that professor Zucman made us exchange snapchat usernames, and therefore connect with others. Not only did we connect with others for the activity, but we also made some new followers on snapchat that will boost our views!

Bottom 3:

  1. Periscope Activity: This activity’s idea was great, but the actual execution of it kind of sucked… For me anyway! It was just a little bit disappointing that literally no one watched my stream– this made the hour of streaming that I had to do extremely boring. I do however realize that the results that I got was probably due to the fact that I didn’t have a catchy title and that I wasn’t doing anything interesting. Nonetheless, it was a learning experience of just how hard it is to start on certain social media apps, as well as how easy it is to connect with those around the world.
  2. Instagram Activity: The Instagram activity did not offer that much of a learning experience, as I was already very familiar with the app. Also, the idea that it was supposed to show us that we could all form one big collage seemed somewhat obvious. However, I do see the intention with this activity, but I think it could have been done in a different manner such as: “Post four selfies with four different facial expressions”… This would have added a fun factor, rather than random pictures of different things.
  3. Geocaching: This activity actually seemed awesome, however the execution of it was terrible. It was in no way professor Zucman’s fault, it was just the app that sort of sucked. Firstly, in order to place a geocache it took up to seven days to go under review before it posted. Furthermore, the whole process in finding a geocache and marking it as found, etc. was very tedious. The upside to this assignment is that it gave me the opportunity to go out doors and find cool items. However, the process was very tedious.

Week 12 – Artist Convo – Christopher Linquata

In week 12 at the Gatov-West gallery, I had the pleasure of conversing with Christopher Linquata, as well as the opportunity to view his art. Christopher is thirty eight years of age and he is currently in his last year at CSULB. After receiving his major in a related field, Christopher is receiving his master’s degree in representational painting and drawing, after this semester. Although his art pieces seemed to be simple drawings/paintings, the cleanliness and detail in which they were done made my eyes pop.


Christopher’s love for art and more specifically drawing sprouted at a young age– around five to seven years old. As time passed, he began to sketch down drawings that he found in comic books, and even proceeded to create various comics of his own. For work, Christopher is a middle-school teacher and uses that career as a source of income while he attends school. While it is good to know about an artists’ background, it also even more important to know what drives them to create their artworks.


The motivation or inspiration that helps Christopher create his art pieces is the beach and mythological stories. The beach helps in creating his art simply because of the fact that he genuinely likes the beach, resulting in vibrant and detailed drawings. Furthermore, through the use of mythological and religious stories, he is able to create unique art work. The material used in all of his pieces for this particular gallery included acrylic paints.


As a result of his master’s program, Christopher stated that his work has gotten a lot better, go beach! When asked how long it took to make one piece, he responded that it takes around five months in order fully complete each painting, however it does depend on the size. I very much so enjoyed his drawings because it delivered a sense of realness and clean detail, regardless of the simplistic form in which it is drawn. If any of you have the chance, I highly recommend that you all go check out the rest of Christopher Linquata’s work @icon5350 on instagram.

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Week 12 – Classmate Convo – Milton Coreas

In week 12, I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to Milton Coreas. He is a second year film major at CSULB and he absolutely loves soccer. Not only does Milton enjoy watching his favorite team Barcelona play soccer, but he also really enjoys playing himself. Milton’s favorite soccer players are Iniesta and Messi. Milton is from South Central Los Angeles and is currently living in Lynwood. Milton is currently searching for a soccer club to join, as he recently has made a comeback form being injured. If professional soccer isn’t something that works out for Milton, he would like to pursue a career in directing movies, as you can tell, Milton is a big dreamer! If he did end up directing movies, he would incorporate his skills into creating major plot twists. His favorite movies to watch are those of resemblance to SAW and inception. Lastly, if directing movies doesn’t work out, Milton wouldn’t mind becoming a psychiatrist. When asked about what colors soothe and aggravate him, Milton replied that dark colors relax him and no color really aggravates him, also his favorite color is purple. Overall, Milton was a chill person to talk to and hangout with.


Week 12 – E-Portfolio – Mark Flores

For week 12, our activity was to create an E-portfolio out of the website which we have been using this semester in order to turn in assignments. I kept it simple with the transformation of my account, as I already like the fact that it displays work that I have done, even if it just is for an art class. As far as changes, I changed the theme and background to what I believe is a tad more professional and organized. For the sake of this semester, I have not deleted any of the work that I have done in Visual Art 110 yet, but as the semester ends, I may fully transform into a personalized website. This is not to say that I did not take this assignment seriously, because I set the framework of what my E-portfolio will evolve into. I believe that an E-portolfio is never truly finished, as it can always be better and updated. Furthermore, in order to add a personal touch to my E-portfolio, I published a small blog that states facts about myself. I think this is a very useful tool and I want to thank professor Zucman for the learning and insightful experience. Below are photos of the transformation of my website. Also, if my profile is clicked, it now displays a profile picture– this allows individuals to familiarize themselves with myself, rather than wondering what I look like. Overall, I believe that this assignment was very useful in the sense that it allows us as students to establish valuable information about ourselves, for future employers to review.


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About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Mark Flores, I am 20 years of age, and I am currently a sophomore at Cal State Long Beach University. My major is criminal justice and I am pursuing a career in law enforcement. Hobbies that I have include boxing, playing basketball, spending time with family, trying new restaurants, etc. My largest ambitions and goals in life are to be successful in whatever situation that I am in. For instance, currently that I am still in school, I put forth all of my effort and focus on being successful in school. Aside from school, I work close to full time at a cafe in Newport Coast, CA. Through this website, I hope that individuals will have the opportunity of receiving a glimpse of the person that I am and what I am all about.

Week 11 – Artist Convo – Kathy Yoon

This week, I had the pleasure of viewing Kathy Yoon’s art, as well as interviewing her. She is a third year ceramics major at CSULB. Every since her freshman year, Kathy has been involved with ceramics and involved in the ceramics department. Her gallery inside of the Gatov-East gallery is made out of ceramics. When speaking of time it took to create each piece, Kathy stated that each piece took approximately two weeks. Ever since her childhood, Kathy has enjoyed drawing, but did not get involved with ceramics until college.


Kathy’s inspiration in creating this “So Many Me’s” gallery sprouts from a character that she created and has been drawing for over a year. The little “me’s” each represent different emotions and moods. When speaking with Kathy, she stated that the different little creatures represent different emotions that she has gone through in her life and that we can interpret them how we’d like. It seemed to be that a majority of the little creatures were upset or sad, but there was an overall mix of emotions.


Kathy’s favorite figure is the one that is holding a ballon shaped as a heart. The process by which she makes the figure is through the use of coils. The coils are then stacked onto each other and ultimately creates a hollowed-out figure that can be molded with clay. Kathy’s use of the colors black and white was so that her message could get across, as a variety of colors would too different. The message from her artwork was left up to us to interpret, but I believe that she mentioned something about going through many different stages in life.


Overall, Kathy was a very nice person and an even greater artist. Her message through her artwork was very simple, yet put in a very interesting fashion. All of her pieces show consistency and a very close attention to detail. If you find a chance, I would definitely recommend checking out more of her work on her Instagram @kathy.c.yoon

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Week 11 Activity – Fiber Art – Mark Flores

In this week’s activity, we were given the assignment of creating a wall hanging decoration. This decoration was to be made out of some sort of fiber and either knitted, twisted, or some sort of assembling. For my assignment, I purchased some yarn at Target and a pack of pencils. I proceeded to unknit the yarn in the normal twisted form that it comes, so that it all played flat down. Afterward, I wrapped a piece of yarn tightly around a pencil and then hung difference sized pieces from the pencil.

This project was quite fun and actually very challenging. At first glance, this project seemed like a piece of cake and I thought that I could make a very nice wall hanging. The challenge all started when I had no clue what materials to buy and how they would go together. In the end, I went for the easy option in using yarn and a pencil, but it was still quite difficult. With my wall hanging, I tried to create something that I would hang up on my wall, but it just did not come out to that quality. I thought the activity was fun, but a little bit frustrating. However, I learned that with the right materials, some nice decorations can be put together.