Week 11 – Artist Convo – Kathy Yoon

This week, I had the pleasure of viewing Kathy Yoon’s art, as well as interviewing her. She is a third year ceramics major at CSULB. Every since her freshman year, Kathy has been involved with ceramics and involved in the ceramics department. Her gallery inside of the Gatov-East gallery is made out of ceramics. When speaking of time it took to create each piece, Kathy stated that each piece took approximately two weeks. Ever since her childhood, Kathy has enjoyed drawing, but did not get involved with ceramics until college.


Kathy’s inspiration in creating this “So Many Me’s” gallery sprouts from a character that she created and has been drawing for over a year. The little “me’s” each represent different emotions and moods. When speaking with Kathy, she stated that the different little creatures represent different emotions that she has gone through in her life and that we can interpret them how we’d like. It seemed to be that a majority of the little creatures were upset or sad, but there was an overall mix of emotions.


Kathy’s favorite figure is the one that is holding a ballon shaped as a heart. The process by which she makes the figure is through the use of coils. The coils are then stacked onto each other and ultimately creates a hollowed-out figure that can be molded with clay. Kathy’s use of the colors black and white was so that her message could get across, as a variety of colors would too different. The message from her artwork was left up to us to interpret, but I believe that she mentioned something about going through many different stages in life.


Overall, Kathy was a very nice person and an even greater artist. Her message through her artwork was very simple, yet put in a very interesting fashion. All of her pieces show consistency and a very close attention to detail. If you find a chance, I would definitely recommend checking out more of her work on her Instagram @kathy.c.yoon

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 1.33.53 AM


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