Week 12 – Extra Credit – Top 3 Bottom 3 – Mark Flores

Throughout the semester, we have had many great, good and decent activities. I have actually enjoyed the majority of the activities, but for the sake of this extra credit assignment, I will reveal my top 3 and my bottom 3.

Top 3:

  1. Spray paint activity: The spray paint activity was incredibly awesome, not even exaggerating. The reason behind this awesomeness is the fact that I have never used spray paint before, especially not in the manner that we used it. I believe that it would have been 100 times better if I had been able to make it out to Venice Beach, but I still had a lot of fun spray painting on cardboard. e
  2. Plaster Casting: This was an easy choice because I absolutely loved this activity. Not only did this activity allow me to once again try something new, but it took me outdoors. It is truly sad the minimal amount of time that I spend at the beach because I literally live a 5 minute walk away from Newport Beach. Nonetheless, this plaster casting activity rekindled my love for the beach and took my out to the sandy shores of Newport. The actual experience and process used to mold my foot was also extremely awesome.
  3. Snapchat Activity: I really enjoyed this activity because I was already very familiar with the Snapchat app, so it allowed me to boast my skills and draw cool things. Also, I really liked the fact that professor Zucman made us exchange snapchat usernames, and therefore connect with others. Not only did we connect with others for the activity, but we also made some new followers on snapchat that will boost our views!

Bottom 3:

  1. Periscope Activity: This activity’s idea was great, but the actual execution of it kind of sucked… For me anyway! It was just a little bit disappointing that literally no one watched my stream– this made the hour of streaming that I had to do extremely boring. I do however realize that the results that I got was probably due to the fact that I didn’t have a catchy title and that I wasn’t doing anything interesting. Nonetheless, it was a learning experience of just how hard it is to start on certain social media apps, as well as how easy it is to connect with those around the world.
  2. Instagram Activity: The Instagram activity did not offer that much of a learning experience, as I was already very familiar with the app. Also, the idea that it was supposed to show us that we could all form one big collage seemed somewhat obvious. However, I do see the intention with this activity, but I think it could have been done in a different manner such as: “Post four selfies with four different facial expressions”… This would have added a fun factor, rather than random pictures of different things.
  3. Geocaching: This activity actually seemed awesome, however the execution of it was terrible. It was in no way professor Zucman’s fault, it was just the app that sort of sucked. Firstly, in order to place a geocache it took up to seven days to go under review before it posted. Furthermore, the whole process in finding a geocache and marking it as found, etc. was very tedious. The upside to this assignment is that it gave me the opportunity to go out doors and find cool items. However, the process was very tedious.

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