Week 10 Activity – Geocacheing – Mark Flores

For this week’s activity, we were assigned to find a geocache, as well as to plant a geocache. A geocache, for all of those who do not know, is a hidden “treasure” that one person hides and another person finds. Personally, I thought that this assignment was really cool, as it took me outdoors and gave an interesting challenge to complete. Firstly, I will be talking about the geocache that I hid.

In my Altoid container, I placed a London magnet that I bought while in London (don’t worry I have extras), a beer bottle cap of a Red Stripe Jamaican Lager and a frost bites card that doubles as a logging book. However, I could not find a pencil small enough to fit, or any regular pencil that I could break down and put inside (I only use mechanical pencils, lol!). I was able to find this cool hiding place on a pole behind a staircase. The magnet was very convenient in hiding the container. Here is the link to the page where I published my geocache: https://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC66HTJ&title=altoid Below is a picture of the geocache that I had. By the way, in the description I told people to bring their own pencil, lol.

IMG_6773IMG_6767IMG_6740 IMG_6741

Next, I will be talking about the geocache that I looked for and found. I picked a geocache that was close to the area that I live in and there was actually a variety to choose from. The listing that I picked didn’t describe what was inside of the geocache, but the location was quite easy. It was hidden in a park, on the ground and it was surrounded by plants. It was hidden well enough to where someone wouldn’t stumble upon it, but it was an easy find using the geocache app. When I actually found the geocache, it had just candy inside. Most of the candy was just standard candy, but one was very unique and I will post pictures of it below:


Overall, this was a fun experience that took me outdoors and ultimately provided for a fun adventure… I also got candy!


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