Week 12 – Artist Convo – Christopher Linquata

In week 12 at the Gatov-West gallery, I had the pleasure of conversing with Christopher Linquata, as well as the opportunity to view his art. Christopher is thirty eight years of age and he is currently in his last year at CSULB. After receiving his major in a related field, Christopher is receiving his master’s degree in representational painting and drawing, after this semester. Although his art pieces seemed to be simple drawings/paintings, the cleanliness and detail in which they were done made my eyes pop.


Christopher’s love for art and more specifically drawing sprouted at a young age– around five to seven years old. As time passed, he began to sketch down drawings that he found in comic books, and even proceeded to create various comics of his own. For work, Christopher is a middle-school teacher and uses that career as a source of income while he attends school. While it is good to know about an artists’ background, it also even more important to know what drives them to create their artworks.


The motivation or inspiration that helps Christopher create his art pieces is the beach and mythological stories. The beach helps in creating his art simply because of the fact that he genuinely likes the beach, resulting in vibrant and detailed drawings. Furthermore, through the use of mythological and religious stories, he is able to create unique art work. The material used in all of his pieces for this particular gallery included acrylic paints.


As a result of his master’s program, Christopher stated that his work has gotten a lot better, go beach! When asked how long it took to make one piece, he responded that it takes around five months in order fully complete each painting, however it does depend on the size. I very much so enjoyed his drawings because it delivered a sense of realness and clean detail, regardless of the simplistic form in which it is drawn. If any of you have the chance, I highly recommend that you all go check out the rest of Christopher Linquata’s work @icon5350 on instagram.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 1.55.06 AM


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