Week 11 Activity – Fiber Art – Mark Flores

In this week’s activity, we were given the assignment of creating a wall hanging decoration. This decoration was to be made out of some sort of fiber and either knitted, twisted, or some sort of assembling. For my assignment, I purchased some yarn at Target and a pack of pencils. I proceeded to unknit the yarn in the normal twisted form that it comes, so that it all played flat down. Afterward, I wrapped a piece of yarn tightly around a pencil and then hung difference sized pieces from the pencil.

This project was quite fun and actually very challenging. At first glance, this project seemed like a piece of cake and I thought that I could make a very nice wall hanging. The challenge all started when I had no clue what materials to buy and how they would go together. In the end, I went for the easy option in using yarn and a pencil, but it was still quite difficult. With my wall hanging, I tried to create something that I would hang up on my wall, but it just did not come out to that quality. I thought the activity was fun, but a little bit frustrating. However, I learned that with the right materials, some nice decorations can be put together.



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