Week 12 – Classmate Convo – Milton Coreas

In week 12, I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to Milton Coreas. He is a second year film major at CSULB and he absolutely loves soccer. Not only does Milton enjoy watching his favorite team Barcelona play soccer, but he also really enjoys playing himself. Milton’s favorite soccer players are Iniesta and Messi. Milton is from South Central Los Angeles and is currently living in Lynwood. Milton is currently searching for a soccer club to join, as he recently has made a comeback form being injured. If professional soccer isn’t something that works out for Milton, he would like to pursue a career in directing movies, as you can tell, Milton is a big dreamer! If he did end up directing movies, he would incorporate his skills into creating major plot twists. His favorite movies to watch are those of resemblance to SAW and inception. Lastly, if directing movies doesn’t work out, Milton wouldn’t mind becoming a psychiatrist. When asked about what colors soothe and aggravate him, Milton replied that dark colors relax him and no color really aggravates him, also his favorite color is purple. Overall, Milton was a chill person to talk to and hangout with.



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