Classmate Convo – Week 10 – Jennifer Hernandez

Jennifer, who goes by Christa (her middle name) is a very outgoing and social person. I had the pleasure of meeting her after running into her at the galleries. Ironically enough, I had Christa last semester for my Criminal Justice 101 class. She has lived most of her life in Huntington Park, located in South Los Angeles, but she recently moved to Patio Gardens with three of her friends. Christa is a sophomore at CSULB and she is half Mexican and Salvadorian. In high school, Christa played basketball as a big, which is a reference to the power forward (4) and the center (5) positions. The funny part to the fact that she played as a big is the fact that she is actually quite short, but she is strong! Her hobbies include hanging out with her roommates, reading books, spending time with her family and working out. Her new major is social work, after switching from her originally chosen major of criminal justice– one less competitor in my field! Overall, it was very nice running into Christa again and getting to know each other, as we didn’t have the opportunity to do so last semester. Christ believes that tattoos are art, but she is not a big fan of tattoos at all. She believes that creating a tattoo adds originality and meaning, whereas picking an already made tattoo is simply following the hype. She stated that if she had the opportunity, she would still not get a tattoo. Below is a picture of Christa:



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