Week 9 – Transmedia Storytelling – Mark Flores

This week’s activity brought us back to social media. Our assignment was to begin our journey as a made up character online and essentially tell a story. My group partner was Jonathan Pua, also known by @hoth_the_sloth for this social media assignment. The story line that my group and I went with, was that we were each an animal that met each other at the San Diego animal convention. Since then, we became best friends and the story went on from there. My animal is a snail and his name is Dale, @dale_the_snail on Twitter and @dale.the.snail on Instagram. My snail, Dale, works hard everyday at trying to do things in a faster fashion, as he is very slow. Dale often races with his best friend, @hoth_the_sloth in order to find out who is faster. Dale the snail’s favorite food is any type of berries and he has a super cool dorm inside of an iguanas mouth! Not only did Dale the Snail meet his best friend Hoth the Sloth at the convention, but he also met Bonnie the Bunny, Larry the Llama and Gina the Guinea Pig. Overall, this assignment was pretty cool in the sense that it brought myself and a couple of other people together. Not only was it fun to interact with others in the class, but it was also fun to pretend to be someone, or something else. Through the character of Dale the Snail, I was able to poke fun at whatever I wanted. Furthermore, it was a fun challenge in figuring out what snails ate, what they did, etc. Below are pictures from Dale the Snails Instagram and Twitter posts. Enjoy!





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