Week 9 – Classmate Conversation – Rosario Fino

This week, I had the pleasure of running into Rosario Fino and getting to know her. I say running into, because I knew Rosario from a philosophy class that we both had last semester. However, I had never taken the opportunity to actually get to know Rosario. She is twenty years old and in her 3rd year at CSULB. Her plan after school is to pursue social work, mainly on the topic of children. Rosario loves anything that gives her a sense of adventure and she really enjoys going to the beach. Another hobby of Rosario is to binge watch her favorite T.V. shows and movies on Netlix, all Netlix, no chilling. Also, Rosario loves to dine out and always attempts to try new foods. She is from Palm Springs and has lived there for her entire life. The only places that Rosario has been to besides Palm Springs, is Mexico, which she calls her home away from home. When I asked her the question of the week “if you could travel to any country in the world, where would you go and why?” she responded with “I would go to Germany because of the history that takes/took place there. I specifically would want to go to the auschwitz because I want to see the concentration camp that’s there.” Rosario’s dream is coming true, as she is traveling to Germany this upcoming summer! Overall, Rosario is a very down to earth person and it was a pleasure re-meeting her! Below is a picture of Rosario.



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