Week 8 – Artist Conversation – Rhiannon Aarons

For my week eight artist conversation, I had the pleasure of interviewing Rhiannon Aarons, as well as viewing her art. Rhiannon’s style is very different from any other artist that I have seen so far at the SOA art galleries. Her installment was inside of the Gatov-West Gallery. Her collection, titled Ex Libris, contained black skeleton-like specimens that represent the anatomy of mythological creatures. Below is a picture of one of her pieces:


The method in which Rhiannon created these pieces is through the use of digital print and drypoint. After digitally printing the piece that she creates, Rhiannon uses the drypoint method, which is essentially a technique used to engrave detail into pieces. Although these are mythological creatures that Rhiannon is creating, the detail in which they are made, make them seem realistic. The inspiration by which she creates these pieces comes from different anatomical literature pieces and books. Below is a picture of another similar, yet uniquely different mythological creature.


Through interviewing Rhiannon, I was able to gather general and useful information about her, as well as her art. When asked what the meaning behind her pieces were, she stated that the meaning was up to us to interpret. One valuable statement made by Rhiannon, was the idea that good art should be eye candy, but more importantly it should motivate individuals to think differently. Rhiannon is originally from Fountain valley and has been an artist for seventeen years. Currently, she is in her second year as an MFA printmaking major at CSULB.


When asked how long it took her to create each piece, Rhiannon stated that she creates various at the same time, so she does not know how long each takes. Aside from the three black and white skeletal pictures that i’ve posted, Rhiannon featured a brown colored skeleton (seen a bit in the picture above) and a wooden crate. Only the white and black were posted due to these three being my favorite pieces. However, if you’d like to check out more of Rhiannon’s art, you can go to http://www.rhiannonaarons.com — I highly recommend that you do.

Below is a picture of Rhiannon:



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