Week 7 – Classmate Conversation – Mikel Soco

For my week #7 classmate convo, I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Mikel. Mikel is a sophomore and currently a pre-nursing major. However, he is debating on the possibility of switching to a pre-kinesiology major. Instead of becoming a nurse,  he very well may  pursue becoming a physical therapist. Some of Mikel’s hobbies include playing the guitar and ukulele, skating, and working out. He also enjoys playing a lot of video games, mostly first person shooters. He has a german shepherd named Zelda. Mikel is originally from the San Fernando Valley, and was born in Burbank. He is filipino, and has a really big passion for food. Mikel’s passion for food comes from his pride in his culture and heritage. Mikel tells me that Filipinos are known for being very hospitable and always offering plenty of food, until you can’t eat anymore,  all that food he was given contributed towards his passion for it. Mikel likes to spend time with his parents, you guessed it, out eating food! They love to try out new restaurants and try to make it out to one at least once a week.
The question of the week was: If you had to dye your hair a certain color, what color would you dye it and why?
Mikel answered with: “I probably would never dye my hair, but if I had to, I would choose blue, since blue is my favorite color. Also, in high school I spray painted my hair blue (with temporary coloring) for spirit week and it didn’t look that bad.”
Overall, Mikel is a super chill person and we are now gaming buddies on PS4. Below is a picture of Mikel:

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