Week 7 – Artist Conversation – Angela Drew

For my week #7 artist conversation, I had the pleasure of viewing Angela’s wonderful work inside of the Werby Gallery. After viewing her art and having the opportunity to interview her, I was very intrigued by the fact that her pieces carried a meaning that she valued. The theme behind this particular installment is the Grand Canyon and how it was formed. In fact, the very formation of the Grand Canyon was the inspiration behind the various art pieces in her gallery. The individual pieces are somewhat repetitive, however when looked at as one big piece, it can really be appreciated. Below is one picture of around 7 of the same styled pieces.


As you can see above, the pieces all are made up of what seems to be a sedimentary build that represents rocks forming together. This style makes sense according to Angela’s theme of the Grand Canyon and how it was created– sediments (debris) forming together to form rocks. The actual material that goes into creating these pieces is all clay and ceramic material. If broken down into the specifics, Angela uses 6 different types of clay, but mainly cone 5 clay. In order to create all 7 of the pieces in this installment, it took Angela around 2 and a half to 3 months. Below is another shot of the same-style, yet unique piece:


While interviewing Angela, I was able to gather some general information about her that was useful in understanding who she is as a person, as well as an artist. Angela is a senior at CSULB and her major is in ceramics. After graduating this year, she does not plan on obtaining a masters degree. Her goals after graduation from CSULB include traveling the world and helping kids, specifically by joining the peace core. Angela got involved in art at a young age while in junior high and took her first ceramics class in 8th grade. Originally being from San Diego, but having lived in Washington State for 9 years, Angela has a good understanding of the diversity in the world. Below is one last picture of a different aspect in Angela’s pieces, the light inside. I will post the picture below and proceed to explain why it is there and what it means.


Not only does the light inside of Angela’s art pieces make them look super cool, but the lights also carry a meaning. Angela is a proud follow and believer of the Christian religion and her art pieces reflect that aspect of her life. When asked what the lights inside of her pieces meant, she responded stating that they were the “light of God.” Furthermore, Angela really enjoys to listen to religious Christian music while she creates her artworks.  This is Angela’s way of being “in channel with God” as she stated. Overall, I really enjoyed Angela’s gallery and more than anything that her meaning behind her artwork was a meaningful one. Although she does not have a website for her art, she does post some of her work on her Facebook page, which can be found under the name Angela Drew. Below is a picture of Angela:

angela drew


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