Week 7 – Activity – Ephemeral Art (Snapchat) – Mark Flores

For week 7’s activity, we got to use one of my favorite applications, Snapchat. The point of this week’s activity was to take 2 pictures of anything we wanted and to post them on Snapchat. However, to make this process interesting, we had to draw on our Snaps. Below are MY two Snapchat’s that I saved into the camera roll of my phone (I didn’t screen shot them, hence no little countdown in the top right corner).


This is my personal favorite of my neighbor’s cat Piper, I turned him into none other than Harry Potter. The inspiration was real on this one, as any true Harry Potter fan would notice. Below is the second of of 2 snapchat pictures:


I noticed Piper was starting to get a bit heavy, so what did I do, you ask? Well, I turned Piper into a bonafide track star, how’s that for being fit? Shoutout to Piper for agreeing to star in my snapchat story. By the way, if you haven’t figured it out yet, you should probably follow me on Snapchat at Yaboymark. Enough about my beautiful Snapchats, below are two Snaps from classmates that I thought did an excellent job on their assignments.

snap dog

This devilish German Shepherd Snapchat comes from none other than Julia Hodgdon. Perfect timing and those flames are on fleek, great work.

Below is a Snapchat from a different classmate that I found to be awesome:


I found this Snapchat by Steph Chang to be awesome because Christmas is the best and her Santa Clause drawing is on point.

Overall, this was my person favorite of the 3 social media related activities. However, I believe that each activity had a new element to offer and something to teach/learn from. For instance, Instagram taught me that it was easy to unite in a subliminal sense under one hashtag that we used, but also in real life. Also, the Periscope activity taught me that no matter how lonely someone may be, being able to talk to someone is only a stream away. Lastly, this Snapchat activity also had something to offer in the sense of unity, but I enjoyed it the most because it was very fun.


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