Week #6 – Classmate Convo – Geraldine Meono

My conversation with Geraldine Meono was very short as we were both in a rush, but I did manage to gather general information about her. Geraldine is a 3rd year sociology major at CSULB at the young age of 20. Although she is not far from walking across the stage and graduating, Geraldine still does not know what career she would like to pursue. However, with a degree like sociology, she stated that the field was broad which made for many options. Geraldine is originally from San Pedro, still lives at home and commutes to CSULB. Geraldine’s hobby growing up was cheer and dance, hence her love for music. Some of her favorite music to listen to is pop, edm and Taylor Swift(all time favorite). Also, Geraldine really enjoys to watch crime shows and movies because she finds them to be very interesting. When asked the QOTF, she stated that she hasn’t thought much about how certain colors make her feel, but that she thinks that different colors can affect people’s moods/actions. Geraldine was overall a very chill and interesting person to talk to. Below is a picture of Geraldine as I forgot to ask her to take one together!



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