Week #6 Artist Convo – Anahid Malek – Dawn Derry

For my artist conversation in week #6, I had the pleasure of interviewing both Anahid Malek and Dawn Derry. Not only was I able to talk to both of them and ask them questions, but I was also able to view their incredible art. Their collaboration in the Dutzi-Gallery did not feature any pieces that they worked on together, but pieces that bared the topic of nature. Both Anahid and Dawn however, stated that they would like to do a piece together in the near future.

With such similar styles and use of materials, I will be talking about both respective artists’ as one. The colors that are put into each piece always depend on the mood and feeling of the atmosphere. Also, both artists’ use oil paint with some acrylic as an undertone. When it comes to motivation, both aspire on the love for traveling, nature, atmosphere and anything to do with the outside world. With such vivid pieces, I wondered where these pieces were actually painted and the answer was “anywhere.”

Now that I have talked about Anahid and Dawn as one, I will be talking about their individual pieces and a little bit about themselves. I will begin with Dawn and her simple, yet visually appealing pieces. Dawn is originally from California and lives only 10 minutes away from CSULB. She began painting “officially” around 5 years ago. Dawn is graduating from college this year and plans on getting her MFA while continuing to stay connected with the art world. Below is my favorite piece of Dawn’s pieces, it was titled “Aggregate 2.”

Also, Dawn can be contacted at Dawn_derry@yahoo.com


Lastly, but definitely not least, I will talk about Anahid and her interesting pieces. Anahid is Armenian but has lived in the U.S. for a majority of her life. In order to add immense amounts of detail to her pieces, she uses a pallet knife to carve out and provide texture. Anahid’s pieces are also based on her love for nature and traveling. Her art pieces are very beautiful and something that i’d consider putting up in my living room. My favorite thing about Anahid’s reflected different seasons and demonstrated that through the choice of color and landscape. Below is my favorite piece in this gallery that was titled “Winter.”

Also, Anahid can be contacted at Ana_s67@yahoo.com


Below is a picture of both Anahid(grey shirt) and Dawn(blue shirt).



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