Week 6 activity – Identity Art – Mark Flores

Right off of the bat, this activity didn’t really catch my attention in any significant way. The reason behind my initial dislike of this activity is probably due to the fact that I have never done something of the sort before. I am not someone who is shy when talking to people/groups in person, but the idea of people watching me online seemed a bit creepy. However, after watching the different periscopes that I found on the global list, it was awesome to see what different people were doing. Below is a list of the three “normal periscopers” that I had the pleasure of viewing.

  1. This Periscoper was really awesome and his whole stream was basically him doing very cool voice impersonations. Since these were the first ever people that I watched on Periscope, I did not think of screen shooting their usernames and I couldn’t find them after… IMG_5972
  2. This next Periscoper was an up and coming artist and she was just answering questions while she washed dishes. Her art pieces go anywhere from 5 thousand to 55 thousand dollars.IMG_5958

3.For the third “normal Periscoper” that I watched, was a news anchor from Las Vegas. She was also just answring general questions while she got ready to go on set. IMG_5962

These three normal Periscopers made it so that I was actually intrigued by this activity, because prior to watching them, this activity seemed pointless. However, after seeing the impact that these Periscopers had on all the viewers that they had, I wanted to start up a broadcast.

After watching the three “normal periscopes” I decided to watch three classmates Periscopes to see what others were doing on their scopes. Below is the list of who’s Periscopes I watched and what they did.

  1. For classmate #1, I watche Calexico’s Periscope. She mainly interacted with her Periscope audience by answering questions and whatnot while she was eating. Also, she seemed to do the same thing on a later broadcast while she was in a classroom or library. IMG_5974
  2. The next classmates Periscope that I watched was Erick Andrez. Erick’s Periscope was quite simple in the sense that he just put the camera on himself while watching the walking dead. Although simple, it was cool/funny to see his reactions to watching the show.IMG_5980
  3. For the third and final classmate’s Periscope that I watched is Tyler Nakashima. Tyler’s Periscope featured his girlfriend, as well as himself playing video games. Tyler also interacted with his Periscope viewers while gaming
  4. IMG_5978

After watching all of these people’s Periscopes, it was time to broadcast my own. I still did not have much of an idea for what I should do on my broadcast, so I copied Tyler and played video games. The overall experience was nothing to write home about, as I am sure it was a pretty boring broadcast, which resulted in little to no views. However, a few people did stop by to say hi and that delivered a pretty good feeling. Below are some pictures of my very own Periscope broadcast.

IMG_5986 IMG_5985


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