Week #5 Activity – Ethnography – Mark Flores

For my week #5 activity, I had to do the exact opposite of what I am doing now– use no electricity for one full night. At first glance, this activity seemed like it would be the easiest of them all… Even easier than the spray paint activity. However, I can firmly state that this has been the most difficult activity yet! Not only was I completely annoyed at the fact that I could not check my phone for messages/social media notifications, but the candles that my girlfriend bought provided very little illumination. With all of the negative things already said about this activity, I do have to admit that it was awesome to have an idea of what life to be like before all of the great inventions that we have today. Of course, the appreciation aspect of the activity came after the terrible night that I had to survive through. On a more serious note, it was pretty frightening spending a night in the pitch dark. Don’t get the wrong idea, I do not ever sleep with lights on and do enjoy it to be dark when sleeping. However, it is nice to have an availability to a potent light source in the case that there be a giant spider or burglar inside of your room. This activity was definitely tedious, but it was very unique, therefore making it awesome. The night that I did the activity was Saturday the 26th and I forgot to snap a picture of my girlfriend’s room (where I spent the night), before the sun went down. However, I took a picture of her room just now and it is currently night time. Below is that picture:

P.S. We totally made out.



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