Week 4 Classmate Convo

During week 4, I had the pleasure of meeting Adrian Caluya, who goes by the nickname AJ. Adrian is originally from Stockton, CA but ultimately moved to Long Beach in order to attend CSULB. Aj’s major is electrical engineering, inspired by his oldest cousin who has had a successful career as a result of his electrical engineering major. Aj is in his fifth year of college at CSULB, is 22 years of age and plans to graduate at the end of the year. Another inspiration for Aj’s electrical engineering major is the fact that he loves to understand how certain things function. Some of his current hobbies include skateboarding, collecting vinyl records, collecting cassette tapes and playing guitar. Music has always been a big part of his life, as he has played the guitar for a legnthy 10 years. Currently for work, Aj is working for an engineering company in Irvine as an intern. When asked the question of the day, Aj responded that “art mattered as much as anything in life, the freedom of doing what we love, the ability to paint the happiest and saddest moments in life and the overall ability to document life is why art has always and will always matter.” ¬†Overall, I am glad that I met Aj because he is a very down to earth guy and is an inspiration in the sense that he knows what he wants in life and is 2 semesters away from all of his hard work paying off. Below is a picture of Aj:



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