Week 4 Artist Conversation

For my week 4 artist conversation, I had the pleasure of viewing David Mendoza’s art pieces, as well as interviewing him. Right off of the bat, David’s unique pieces inside of the Gatov West gallery, caught my eye and I even found myself carefully analyzing each piece with precision. David’s pieces would be described by myself as creepy, yet very appealing and detailed. After viewing all of the amazing artist’s galleries, I made the easy decision of writing about and interviewing David Mendoza. Below is my favorite piece from David’s gallery titled “Deadlights”:


Not only did I really enjoy David’s work, but talking to him and interviewing him was also a pleasure. David has a very laid-back personality, a great sense of humor and overall seemed like a very kind person. From talking to David, I was able to find out a little bit of information about himself and his background. Although no direct motivation, David styles his paintings based on his love and early exposure to horror movies. His favorite horror movie is the shining and he also enjoys novels by Steven King, as well at movies by David Lynch. Below is another one of his amazingly creepy, horror-inspired pieces titled “Last Lullaby”:


Behind every great artists’ art pieces, is the process by which they complete them. Although David has no specific motivation besides loving horror movies and loving to paint, there are still steps by which he goes about painting. Firstly, David uses oil paint and almost always paints at his house. While painting, David enjoys to listen to any creepy music, especially creepy techno music. When asked how long each piece was taken to complete, David said it took him the whole summer to complete the three paintings in the East Gatov installment. While he has no rituals or procedures by which he paints, David does have some preferences that help him paint more freely and comfortably. Below is a painting that I believe really captures David’s style, and even with lighter colors used, this painting is still totally creepy. The title of this painting is “The Unfathomable Indisposition of Eros”:


Some last quick facts about David: He is a drawing and painting major, he is 31 years of age, this is his last year at CSULB, he lives in Long Beach but is originally from Santa Monica, he would like to work drawing in comic books or horror movies, and his favorite artist is Diego Velasquez. The question of the day for our ART 110 class was “Does art matter?”… To this question, David replied that art did matter because without art, we would not have freedom of expression. David also stated that while his answer was quite simple and possibly a cliche, that is what he thought of the matter. Overall, David Mendoza is an amazing artist and an even cooler person. I highly recommend that everyone check out his work, if you’d like to do so, his Instagram is @demendizzle and can also be found on Facebook (David Mendoza). Below is a photo of David.



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