Week 3 Classmate Conversation

For my first classmate conversation, I ran into and spoke with Steven Argueta who has lived in Long beach for most of his life. Our conversation was cut short due to the heat, but I did manage to gather a good amount on information on my fellow classmate. Steven is 18 years old and a math major at none other than CSULB. Steven’s hard work ethic and overall change of lifestyle from lazy to motivated came as a result of joining wrestling in high school. Steven said it himself that if it were not for wrestling, he would probably not be attending a prestigious school like CSULB. Steven’s long term goals are to become an accountant or teacher. Overall, Steven is an awesome and easy going guy. After briefly talking, we exchanged numbers and vowed to talk again in the near future! Thanks Steven!

EDIT: After re-reading my post, I realized that I did not include Steven’s statement on what the meaning of art was. Steven stated the following: “Art is a form of expression. It’s a cliche but anyone can make art. Whether it be bad or good art, it’s art. Us humans are simply expressing ourselves with the art that we create.” Steven also included that he hopes to have more of an understanding of what art is through our ART110 class and through the activities that we will do throughout the semester.



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