Week 3 Artist Conversation

After venturing around several different uniquely intruiging SOA art galleries, I ran into Nick Bamford’s gallery in Gatov East. At first glance and prior to talking to Nick, his pieces were all unique, yet lacking the ‘finely detailed’ factor that many artists and art viewers appreciate. It was not long however, before Nick addressed the ideology he had behind not detailing or fully polishing his work. Nick used a quote by his favorite artist, Picasso, to explain the ideology behind his rugged work; “It took me 4 years to paint like Donatello and a lifetime to paint like a child.”


After talking to Nick for a while, I was able to find out some general information about him and what he would like to do continuing forward. Nick is from Huntington Beach, California and is currently a senior at California State University of Long Beach. He is a ceramics major with hopes of graduating this year. After graduating from CSULB, Nick would like to continue his studies at UCLA or Yale amongst other schools in order to earn his Masters degree in sculpture. The ultimate goal for Nick in life after school would be to become a full-time artist and even a teacher. Furthermore, Nick would really like the opportunity to have his art be installed and represented at museums.


Not only did I find out information about Nick’s background and what he would like to do going forward in life, but I also gathered information on the process by which he creates his art and what drives him to do so. For Nick, a growing bore/’dead end’ feeling of his old job(not stated) really drove him to pursue art more heavily than ever before. However, what really drives him to create his works of art is simply the challenge of doing so. Not only the actual challenge of creating his art piece, but the overall challenge of being the best artist that he can be, motivates Nick immensely. All of Nick’s pieces take around 1 day to make and consist of items that he finds laying around his house, sometimes recycled items. For instance, Nick’s installment in the SOA Gatov East gallery consisted of the following materials: bicycle rim, wood, clay, cement, etc. However, Nick did state that materials vary depending on the theme of the pieces, as he has used mainly string and cardboard at other installments.


Overall, Nick’s mysterious art pieces did a great job in catching my attention and practically forcing me to ask questions in order to learn about them. After speaking with Nick for a good amount of time, the idea that I had prematurely about his pieces being too rugged, faded away quickly. Although Nick’s pieces did not have any titles, nor did his installment have a title, his work still managed to be very unique and intriguing. In conclusion, Nick Bamford is definitely, if given the chance, an up-and-coming artist that everyone should check out. If interested, you all can follow Nick on Instagram @nickbamf4d OR on Facebook under the name Nick Bamford.



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