Plaster Project

Hello for a second time, world! This post will focus on a plaster project that my Art 110 class participated in. Basically, we had the option of plastering our foot or hand, in which I chose to plaster my foot! The process to follow in order to properly plaster my foot was precise, however being able to do it at such a relaxed atmosphere like the beach made it a breeze (pun intended). The project in itself was actually very fun to complete as it was hands-on, rather than regular school work that consists of mostly paperwork and books. I decided to complete my project at night because my local beach, Newport Beach, is always packed during the day. If I could take anything from this project going forward in my studies, it would have to be the concept of incorporating a fun atmosphere while completing assignments. Below are a couple of pictures of what plastering my foot looked like!

The final plaster of my foot!
A final look at my plastered foot! 
Mixing the plaster!
Mixing the plaster!

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